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Royal National Park Environmental Education Centre

Royal National Park EEC

The Royal National Park Environmental Education Centre is located in the Royal National Park. Our qualified and highly experienced Department of Education teachers facilitate programs in the field and at schools.

We have access to a variety of unique natural and cultural areas.  We offer a diverse range of curriculum based environmental education programs for kindergarten through year 12. 

The centre aims to foster in students an appreciation of their environment to enhance their relationship with it and to assist in the development of responsibility for its future. Through supporting students and the community, we hope that they become better earth citizens and be equipped to undertake positive environmental action.

The centre places great emphasis on developing hands-on, integrated programs that are individually designed to meet the needs of visiting groups. Book with us for high quality school excursions and incursions linked to syllabus outcomes. The centre sits on Dharawal Country.

Visit Royal National Park EEC website.

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